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Our Process

Our Process

You may have invested a considerable amount building a professional looking web site, but that investment won't pay off unless you use the Internet to effectively market your business. Building a web site and doing Internet marketing are two completely different things. You've probably visited a few web sites that were completely useless. Maybe they looked good, but you couldn't find the information you needed, or worse you had trouble finding the site in the first place. Don't let this happen to your web site!


Research and Research

The foundation of an SEO Campaign is KeyWord Research. Ensuring you are targeting the right key terms, and directing traffic to the right pages, can make or break your SEO campaign. There is no point in attempting to rank highly for a term that has little to NO search volume. Furthermore, it is imperative that the page relates to the targeted KeyTerm or a visitor will leave the site as quickly as they got there.

Competitor's Analysis

Our team of SEO experts prepares a list of your competitors and visits their website to closely observe and analyze various techniques used by them. During this analysis we will get a picture of the strategy with regard to promotion/optimization that would exactly work for your business.

Content Apply ( On Page )

Search Engine Optimization can be loosely categorized into two key disciplines. On Page Optimization, and Off Page Optimization. We undertake several rounds of a Website Audit, and a Content Optimization Analysis to determine if your website can both be crawled by the search engines & if it would be deemed Contextually Relevant for your chosen Key Terms. We then suggest, and upon approval, make the required OnPage changes to optimize your site for the terms we recommended throughout the Key Term research process.

Execution ( Off Page )

Boosting Page Rank is the next priority for your optimized site. When all other factors are equal, Search Engines will always favor the page with a higher Page Rank. Page Rank is essentially 'link popularity.' It's a reflection of how many other websites contain links pointed at your site. (You may also hear these called 'inbound links' or 'non-reciprocal links.'Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves, AltaVista and others place great importance on incoming links. A large number of high-quality incoming links can help your website beat the competition in the search engine rankings.

Again Research